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Charles Rosier gave a hand to make "Nuovomondo" (« Golden Door »), a motion picture regarding an Italian family exiling to the United States. Featuring French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the movie picked up some honors at Venice Festival in the years 2000. For three years, Charles Rosier has been an associate of the Brazilian group BTG Pactual. He is in command of the overseas growth of BTG Pactual's businesses along with its connections with customers, stockholders along with business associates. Charles Rosier went to Fénelon Sainte-Marie College and took a scientific final degree in '91. Right after that he attended 2 yrs of tuition preparing for the best colleges of business administration at Intégrale institution. Along with his skilled obligations, Charles Rosier sustains research work, including the effort driven by Professor Baulieu, formerleader of the Sciences Academy, through the business Mapreg along with Baulieu Institution. Charles Rosier encourages Innoveox, a French corporation focused on nonpolluting refuse processing due to a completely new expertise. Urban, manufacturing, armed services or high risk waste material in addition to micro-pollutants are wiped out with great effectiveness as well as absolutely no pollution.

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